PROTO DISCO PRONTO ! – DJ Mix by SYGAIRE for Black Pearl Records

some new disco, cosmic, boogie, modern soul, gospel disco diggings and classics & edits in a proto style dj mix…..
tunes played:

Disco Intro”DJ” – Sygaire Edit –  Harpo  “secret” – Secret Artist  “secret” – Mudegg   “Doy Doy Doymadim Türkiyeme” – Şenay”Pull Your Weight” – Cappuccino  “Time To Get It Together” – Sygaire Edit – Marvin Gaye  “World Spin” – Sygaire Edit – A Taste Of Honey  “This Place Is Too Hot” – Dream Express  “Summer Fun” – Mcneal & Niles  “Integration” – Trevor Bastow  “Far Cry” – Sygaire Edit – Marvin Gaye  “Philodendron” – Veronika Fischer Band  “Time Is Running Out” – Sygaire Edit – Brass Fever  “To My Brother” – Return Ticket  “Going West” – Lüdemann & Hornemann  “Don´T Fall Apart On Me” – Jeff Phelps  “When Will The Day Come”- Rasa  Disco Outro


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