Perfect Strangers – PS4-Mixtape

“A stylish ensemble of nostalgic bliss & boutique sounds, with an ever so gentle emphasis on a retro-futurism type vibe.” – Rolling Stoned

Perfect Strangers – Don’t Be Ridiculous Intro
Knight One – Swords Cry
Pierce Fulton – That Should Do It
Breakbot – Wet Dream
Mokhov – Future Hope
Palinoia – Miranda
Unibeat – Waves
Hunter – Night Emotions
Matsunoki & Conscience Thoughts – You & I
Blank Banshee – Teen Pregnancy
Digital Waves – Miami Vice
Saint Pepsi – Vanilla Pepsi (Desired Edit)
Vanilla – Somebody
Estate & Liquid Pegasus – Tendency (Edit Murphy Edit)
Thomas Tonfeld – Dreamin’
Matsunoki – Yoshikawa
Hunter & Skibblez – Nataumi
SIMm – Disco Jules
Kruzader – Rendre
VentureX – Gonna Find What I’m Looking For
Shoji – Charm
Vicisiousi – TransAM
Alessandro Calabrese – Akasha
Haircuts For Men – Witch/I’m Thinking About You
SIMm – Precious
Skylar Spence – I Can’t Be Your Superman (Gabriel Remix)
Jamie George – Anywhere But Here
VentureX – Poor Girl
Tokyo Wanderer – About You
Webdriver Torso – Dreaming In Television
Perfect Strangers – Don’t Be Ridiculous Outro
…Thanks for listening!

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