DOKO 100 BPM Disco Mix

Here is a mix by DOKO from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

DOKO moves away from electro and back to the roots of disco music.  This return to analog and instrument based disco is Grant McKeown’s backlash to the synthesized sounds and fast tempos that permeate the shitty clubs of yonder.  With little fillers and relentless uppercuts DOKO delivers a knockout.  You can’t block this shit because you rarely hear strange aphorisms regarding boxing.
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1. The Fez – Steely Dan (Laura Ingalls wtf is a fez Edit)
2. Mclovin (Original Mix) – 6th Borough Project
3. Looking Up To You – The Revenge
4. Fly Robin Fly Silver Convention – (Alkalino Re-edit)
5. My Woman Eddie C – (Wolf_mix)
6. Love Love Love – Low motion Disco (Soft Rocks Remix)
7. Swimmin’ – Tornado Wallace
8. Just A Memory (Original Mix) – 6th Borough Project
9. You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else – Jones Girls
10. Don’t Send Me Away Garfield Fleming – (Alkalino edit)